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i am not the same person at 8am and 8pm

Omg stopp you arent annoying.

No it’s not about you dont worry.
And yes i got it. Thank you. ❤️

How i feel rn.

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Ignore me… K fine


AU meme: Shayley definitely Pregnant
Shay is the baby daddy.


Aria’s butt in 5x12 MATCHES the first blonde girl who walked into Mona’s house.


Don’t ask me why I’m looking at butts for comparison lol but ya 😮

I don’t think we can use this. Because when they film things like this they use random people each time just to throw things off. And i believe they do that on purpose.

REBLOG if you are hella bored and wouldn’t mind some curious anons.

What do you guys think?

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